All Boldness and No Hindrance

All Boldness and No Hindrance

Acts 28:31

Scripture: “He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!”

Observation: Reading through Acts 27 and 28, I observed that Paul never squandered an opportunity to preach. Also, he never let his circumstances determine his effectiveness or willingness. He wasn’t sulking on the ship or when he arrived in Rome and pouting about his circumstances, he let nothing stop him. Luke (the author of Acts) writes that he preached with “all” boldness. Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit and that’s what he needed. His boldness was not based on his education, his status, his fame or his circumstances. His boldness wasn’t based on the size of his ministry but the size of his God. So he preached “without hindrance!” Neither prison, nor persecution, nor rejection, nor death could dissuade Paul from telling about his big God.

Application: I think we can let our circumstances interfere with God’s mission in our life too easily. We become inward focus and we sulk on the boat and pout in the prison and we focus too much on our circumstances. The power of the Gospel is depreciated in our lives when we focus on our troubles instead of our God. Like Paul, we need to acknowledge our troubles and then immediately surrender them to God and focus on showing off Jesus in our lives. Our boldness comes form the Spirit in us, it is not based on our circumstances either good or bad. What about you? How are your circumstances affecting your ability to show off your big God? IS there something you need to surrender today to Jesus? Is there an area of your life that needs refocusing?

Prayer: Lord, help me to look past my circumstances to how big and wonderful you are. When I see you and grasp your majesty everything else seems to fade away. Fill me again with your Spirit for today. Help me to be bold and let nothing hinder me today from showing you off as my very big and wonderful God.

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