Life by the Spirit

Life by the Spirit

Galatians 5:13, 17, 25

Scripture: “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh…For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want…Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”

Observation: It is impossible to live by the Spirit and at the same time live to satisfy the flesh because the two are contrary. How can you live by the Spirit and use your freedom in the Spirit to fulfill fleshly desires? Not everyone who is born of the Spirit, however, continues to live according to the Spirit. That’s why Paul says in verse 25 to keep in step with the Spirit. That is, that we are to continue to walk with him daily; it’s a daily choice. Christians who live to flirt with the world and get what they can enjoy in the flesh may have been born in the spirit but have lost the life if the Spirit.

Application: It is so easy to fall into this trap, we live in a wold that is vying for our allegiance, desperately trying to seduce us to buy into its desires. Our television commercials, movies, music, entertainment are all screaming one message: “You need to satisfy yourself.” Yet, the truth is that when we live that way we are never satisfied. However, the great reversal of the Spirit is that she we live a life that pleases God rather than myself and when I am led by His Spirit we find actual, decisive and eternal satisfaction and fulfillment. In other words, the only way to find true fulfillment is to live each day in step with th Spirit.

Prayer: Jesus, I choose you and I choose life with you. This world has nothing on you. Thank you for our continued presence, thank you that even when I get out of step with your Spirit that you are right there and guide me back. My desire is to walk with you and to magnify you and treasure you with all my heart. Lord, I pray that the desires of my flesh would become less and my desire for your Spirit would be more and more each day. Amen

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