Story of Jesus: Filled Full with Jesus

September 24, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Mark 6:31-44 |


Sermon Review: The story of the feeding of the 5,000 has more to do with Jesus than the people getting a free meal. As we have learned this year, every story in the Bible is telling us something about Jesus. At the end of the day the miracle was not about people getting full bellies but that their concept of Jesus would change as they saw him as the miracle working God he is. It was their hearts, minds and souls that needed to be filled and only Jesus can do that. We learned that Jesus was teaching them 4 things about himself 1) He is the Creator God with the ability to do miracles; 2) He is the Provider and can provide for all our needs through his own power and not ours; 3) He is not only the Provider, but the Provision, and that he alone is what our hearts need. Everything we need is in him if we look to him and trust him; and 4) That he is our Salvation. He does miracles to remind us that he makes all things right and brings all things into proper order. He gives salvation now and reminds us that he is coming again to make all things right when he takes us to heaven. Jesus wants us to really know him, to look past the miracle of fish and bread and long to be satisfied by him, the true "Bread of Life.”

Life Group Questions:

  • Sharing Question: Have you personally experienced any miracles? If so, how and why do you think it happened? If not, do you know of any miracles among your acquaintances? Describe one.


Read Mark 6:31-34

  • What did Jesus do when He saw His plans had been messed up? Is there anything we can learn from Jesus' attitude here?
  • On Sunday we learned how many of Jesus’ miracles happened as a result of an interruption to Jesus’ plans. Yet, Jesus still was available for people any time. From that we learned that Jesus always takes time for us and that some of the interruptions in our life could be opportunities to see Jesus work through us.
  • What does it mean for you that Jesus always has time for you and is never too busy to care for you?
  • What are some ways that you can handle interruption in your life that would show Christ?

Read Mark 6:35-37

  • Why do you think Jesus asked the disciples to give them something when He knew they wouldn't have been able to?
  • On Sunday Pastor Tyler said, “It is not the size of the gift that matters but the size of our God. It doesn’t matter what you have but it matters whose hands you put it into.” With that in mind, have you ever judged your problems in the light of your own resources? Describe what happened. How would you deal with it differently today?
  • Have you ever done something completely on your own through your own strength, and it did not turn out the way you had expected? Ever feel like you are doing something on your own and God whispers for you to come to him first?

Read Mark 6:38-40

  • Where did these loaves and fish come from? What can we learn from the boy who gave them?
  • What do you believe the disciples were thinking when Jesus told them to have the people sit down for a meal?

Read Mark 6:41-44

  • What insights does this passage give you into how Christ may be at work in the difficult situations in your life?


Read John 6:35

  • In the parallel passage in John, Jesus later describes himself as the Bread of Life. What does it mean that Jesus is the Bread of Life?
  • Do you believe that Jesus is enough for you to satisfy your heart and all your needs? What things are holding you back from completely giving your life to him in obedience?
  • As a result of our discussion tonight, what is a practical action step you can take this week?


Directed Prayer Points

  • Pray and commit your resources to Christ’s direction and purposes.
  • Ask for wisdom and courage to identify ways in which you can better honor Christ in your time, talents, and treasures.
  • Reject attitudes/activities that crowd your schedule and keep you from making an impact for Christ.
  • Pray that Jesus would be your “Bread of Life” and that he would be your treasure and your desire.
  • Pray for some immediate needs in the lives of the group members.

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