Story of Jesus: Jesus and Life Groups

September 10, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Mark 3:14 |


Sermon Review: On Sunday, Pastor Tyler talked about how important it is to be a part of a Life Group. He shared how Life Groups are a priority for our church because they were a priority to Jesus. Jesus had 12 men who were close to him that he shared life with. As a result, these men changed the world. Acts 4:13 says that even the religious leaders took note of these men because these average unschooled men had “been with Jesus.” For us, Life Groups this term is about being with Jesus together.
Our Sermon Series is about how every story in the Bible points to Jesus and so for this term it will be like we are some of Jesus’ disciples learning more about him as we gather together.

Life Group Questions:

1. On Sunday, Pastor Tyler mentioned that Life Groups are an “oikos”. Oikos is the Greek word for household but it really refers to the circle of people closest to you. Who are some of the people that are close to you? Are you real with them?

2. By drawing close to his disciples, Jesus learned more about each of them, as they learned more about him. Whether your group is newly starting or you’ve been together awhile, share one thing that perhaps nobody knows about you yet.

Read Mark 3:13-19

Called to BE - Verse 14a says he called the Twelve to “Be with him.”

3. What does it mean to be “with” Jesus?

4. What are some of the best ways / times you connect with Jesus?

5. What are you hoping to receive during this term by “being together with Jesus” at Life Group?

Called to DO - Verse 14b says he called them to “preach”

6. Jesus desires for his followers to first be with him and then to learn from him so they can be effective. What are some ways you are being used by God right now?

7. What might be some ways you and perhaps the Life Group could step out in service?

WHO was Called - Verses 16-19 give the list of the disciples’ names.

8. What are some observations you make about this list of people from what you know from the Bible or history or what you observed in this verse?

9. If Jesus knew the kind of people he was choosing, why did he do it? Would you choose to hang out with people you knew would hurt you?

10. In what ways do you feel like connecting with Jesus and with others in Life Group could help you with those relationships?

• Pray for relationships to be strengthened this year. First of all, pray that relationships within your Life Group would grow stronger together. Secondly, for relationships we have with others to be improved this year by us being intentional to connect with God and others.

• Pray for some immediate needs in the lives of the group members.

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