Story of Jesus: Like Little Children

October 8, 2017

Bible Text: Matthew 18:1-4 |


Sermon Review:  One day, the disciples asked Jesus which one of them was the greatest and would be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. The very question revealed that they didn’t understand the Kingdom of Heaven at all. The values of the Kingdom are reversed. The first will be last; the greatest of all is the one who serves others. Jesus modeled this and now he demonstrates it. Taking a child in the midst of them he said, unless you turn and are like this child you can’t even get into the kingdom. On Sunday, we learned there are three qualities of children that we need to learn about Kingdom priorities: 1) Humility, 2) Dependence, and 3) Trust.

For all of us, entrance in the kingdom and greatness in the kingdom are the same. We need to turn and be humble, to be completely dependent on God and to trust in only Him. The great news about the Kingdom is that everyone is equal. We are all greatest in the Kingdom because we all received the same grace and forgiveness as everyone else. The question is not who is the greatest, the question should be are you in?

Life Group Questions:

 Read Matthew 18:1-4 and Luke 9: 46-48

  • What does the word “humble” mean? What does it mean to humble yourself?
  • According to Luke 9:46, the disciples were actually disputing when they asked Jesus this question. What does this tell you about their heart?
  • What does this tell you about your heart when you are disputing or in conflict with others?
  • On Sunday, Pastor Tyler said, “If you are offended, it is because you are proud, because only proud people get offended. Conversely, If you are humble, there is no reason to get offended.”

Read James 4:5 and 1 Peter 5:5

  • Do these verses mean that God is against you for pride in your life? What do you think he desires from us?
  • What becomes of the person who humbles himself before Jesus Christ? (See Matthew 23:13, James 4:6, and Luke 18:9-14.)


  • What do we need to be dependent on God for? List as much as you can that you know you should be dependent on God for.
  • Why is dependence on God so hard for us?
  • What does our absolute dependence on God communicate to God? Why is this important?


  • Do you have trust issues? Are you wiling to share that with the group?
  • In what areas do you think God is asking you to trust him more?


This all began with a question: “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” On Sunday Pastor Tyler said, “If you humble yourself like this child, you get into the kingdom, and if you humble yourself like this child, you are the greatest in the kingdom. Therefore, everyone in the kingdom of heaven is the greatest! For everyone has the righteousness of Christ credited to his account. Everyone has the Spirit of God dwelling in him. Everyone is perfected by God for His glory.”


  • If this is true, then how should we view ourselves and others in the church?
  • Jesus made it clear that there is not any room for disputes about who is better or worse in the kingdom. What is important is our personal walk with Jesus…is it a walk of humility, dependence, and trust?
  • For you personally, do you know for certain that if you were to die today that you would be with Jesus?
  • If yes, how can you bless and build up other believers instead of disputing. If no, would you like to know for certain and ask Jesus to take your sin today?

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