Story of Jesus: Do you really know this Jesus?

September 17, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Mark 4:35-41 |


Sermon Review: Pastor Tyler reminded us that through the storm, Jesus was still in the boat. He was not afraid of the storm because he had authority over it. The disciples, however, were deathly afraid. When Jesus calmed the storm, the disciples were suddenly aware that this was no mere man. Jesus, was God, and verse 41 says they were “absolutely terrified” (v41 NLT). They were not terrified of the storm, but of the power of Jesus. The greatest miracle was not that the disciples were saved from the storm but that they got to see who Jesus really is. We need to have our eyes open to the power and glory of Jesus so we can fear him in a right and healthy way. Because when we are in the storms of life it is Jesus alone who can save us and lead us through.


Life Group Questions:


  1. Have you ever been caught in a storm or a disaster that you felt like you couldn’t get out of? Did you fear for your life?


  1. When the disciples came to Jesus and found him sleeping in the boat they were frustrated and said, “Don’t you care if we drown?” When in your life have you felt like Jesus was just sleeping and didn’t care about you or what you were going through? Or perhaps you even doubted he existed because he seemed so distant.


  1. Jesus spoke to the storm and said “Peace! Be still.” And immediately the storm stopped and waves stopped moving. All was completely still. Have you ever witnessed a miracle of Jesus like that?


  1. In the middle of a trouble in your life, have you ever heard Jesus say to you, “Peace! BE still.” Have you ever sensed him assure you that he is with you like in psalm 46:10 where it says “Be still, and know that I am God!


Read Mark 4:41


  1. The disciples were “absolutely terrified” of Jesus because they just witnessed the true power of God. Have you ever had an experience where you were overwhelmed with awe and fear of God?


  1. Describe how the fear of God moves you in worship? Also, do you really fear Jesus the way you ought to?


  1. What are ways that you can change your perspective of Jesus and grow in a healthy wonder and amazement of who he really is?


  1. Are you going through a storm right now? Do you feel a bit like the disciples in the boat?



Pastor Tyler said on Sunday that “Worry in our life comes when we forget who Jesus is. Either we (1) forget his power over the storm, or (2), we doubt his commitment to be with us through the storm.” Do you need prayer today for the assurance of Jesus?


If you are in the storm or approaching a storm we need to be reminded that Jesus is in the boat. In the storm Jesus will either deliver you from the trouble and say to that storm “Peace! be still” and bring deliverance. Or he will speak to you, “Peace! Be still.” Pray today that the peace of Jesus will be with each member of your group.






  • Pray for each other.
  • Pray for some immediate needs in the lives of the group members.





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