Story of Jesus: Resurrection Love

November 26, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 3:16 |


For God so love the world that he sent his Son, his Son so loved the world that he gave his life for all men, and then love was made complete when God raised Jesus from the dead. The Resurrection means life and love. It gives us, as believers in the resurrection, the basis and the power to truly experience love. Jesus came to earth as the embodiment, he was all of God’s love in human form. When he returned to heaven he said to his disciples, “it’s your turn…you live and love like I did in the power that I give to you.” The resurrection means that we have the power and ability to love like Jesus did and it means we have the responsibility to love others like Jesus did. If we lived in the power of the resurrection we would love more deeply than we can in our own effort. However, we find that for most of us we do not love like we should because we don’t live in the power of the resurrection. Just as the stone was rolled away to revealed the Risen Lord, we need the stones in our lives to be rolled away so we can let the Risen Lord shine through us.



Life Group Questions:

  • On Sunday we heard: “if there is anything God wants, it’s relationship.” That is the whole basis of John 3:16. God loving us and wanting a relationship with him. What do you enjoy about a relationship with Jesus?
  • Relationships are at the core of who we are: we are relational beings. On Sunday Dwight shared how, “the thing that brings us the most joy is relationships and the thing that brings us the most pain is also relationship.” Discuss some ways you have seen this as true in your life?
  • Sometimes in relationships we want to try and fix people. However, in the sermon on Sunday we learned that “our job is not to fix people but to accept them.” In what ways have we tried to “fix” people we know?
  • What is the difference between accepting someone and enabling someone?
  • We learned on Sunday tat the heart of everything God did was, Love. The cross was love, the resurrection as love and when we let love in begin to see things differently. We see God differently, we see ourselves differently and we see others differently.
    • In what ways do love change our perspective of God?
    • In what ways do love change our perspective of self?
    • In what ways do love change our perspective of others?
  • We need the power of Jesus’ resurrection love to be in us for us to live it and show it. God can do so much more through us than we give him opportunity to. In what ways do we hold back from God? Why do we hold back from God?
  • On Sunday Dwight shared how in every spiritual journey there comes point (or several points) where we say, “I give it all to you, God…I surrender all.” Share sometimes when you have made deeper decision to follow? What do you feel God is asking you to do now?



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