Story of Jesus: Servant King

November 5, 2017


Sermon Review:  Jesus sat with His disciples at the Last Supper and only he knew what was about to happen. He knew, that night he would be betrayed; he knew the next day he would be crucified on the cross. Even though he had told his disciples, they were still thinking that Jesus’ Kingdom was going to be set up in Jerusalem. At this meal, they were all jovial and feeling pretty full of themselves, thinking they were going to be such great dignitaries of this New Kingdom. Suddenly, Jesus gets up from the table, takes the position of the servants, and begins doing the most menial and degrading task of washing the disciples’ feet. The disciples were shocked and embarrassed. Then Jesus explained that this is the attitude they are supposed to have. Not the attitude of receiving honour and praise, but of laying down their very dignity and taking up humility so they can serve others. That is how Jesus’ kingdom works and if they are going to be a part of this, they need to change their hearts and their perspective of position in this Kingdom. As Jesus washed their feet, their hearts were sobered and their eyes were opened to a new reality: What it really means to love one another and to place others above themselves.


Life Group Questions: 

READ: Luke 7:36-50

 (LEADERS: Do not feel you need to go through all of the below questions. Pray through these questions before your group and pick the questions that you feel are appropriate for your group).

  1. What about Jesus’ actions here most surprises you?
  2. What is significant for you that Jesus washed Judas’ feet as well as the others, knowing full well that Judas’ heart wouldn’t be changed even if Jesus served him? Does this challenge you in any of your relationships?
  3. Read also Philippians 2:5-9. In John 13, Jesus is seen laying down his outer garments (dignity) and taking up a towel (humility). In Philippians 2, Jesus is seen as laying down his glory and taking up the form of a servant. In what areas does Jesus ask us to do the same?
  4. The little drama involving Peter and Jesus is funny on the outside but deeply serious on the inside. When we first come to Jesus, we need a bath (Titus 3:5-6). Thereafter, we need a daily “foot-washing” to be cleansed of the dirt we pick up as we journey through life. In what ways do you need Jesus to “wash your feet” today?
  5. Jesus here challenges us to engage in some foot washing activities. But sometimes the greater challenge is to allow others to wash our feet. Which do you find most challenging: “washing feet” or allowing others to wash your feet by serving you?


Today we ought to think of foot washing as an example of servant leadership. Other ways we can show a “foot washing” attitude include:

  • Taking on a menial task or accepting a lesser role.
  • Not insisting on our “rights” or “privileges.”
  • Meeting others’ needs before meeting our own.
  • Looking for a job no one else will do and cheerfully doing it.
  • Focusing on the results being achieved, not who is getting credit.
  1. With these examples in mind, how will you wash feet this week? Whose feet do you need to wash?
  2. Our church is in the midst of a major change. We are refreshing our vision, mission, and approach to ministry. We have been talking about Team Ministry, and the success of our church moving forward will be as the whole church does the whole work of the ministry. What are you willing to do to help this happen?


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