Story of Jesus: Treasure Hunt

October 1, 2017

Bible Text: Matthew 13:44 |



Sermon Review:  On Sunday, we learned that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but the rule and reign of Jesus Christ, triumphing over everything that stands between you and everlasting life and joy. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven refers to our salvation, freedom from sin, and a relationship with God bought for by Jesus dying on the cross. As a result, the main point of this one verse parable was that the kingdom of Heaven is so valuable that even losing everything on earth, but getting the kingdom, is a happy trade-off. It is so valuable because God gave his only son to buy it for us. The question for us is, what is it worth to us? How do we show its worth by our life and by our priorities?

Life Group Questions:

  • If you sorted out the items in storage for a garage sale, what kinds of things would you get rid of, and what kinds of things would you keep? Why?
  • How do you think most people decide what is of greatest value to them? How do you decide?
  • Can you think of anything that would be valuable enough to you that you’d give up everything you have?
  • What is the “kingdom” worth to you? How do we show its worth by our lifestyle, values and by our priorities?
  • On Sunday, Pastor Tyler said, “If you truly value the Kingdom, you would show it off like a Christmas gift you were proud of.” How does that compare with how you personally tell others about your faith?
  • Discuss together some ways you can think of that would change your perspective of the value of the Kingdom

READ: Matthew 13:44-46

  • Given these two stories, how valuable are you to God? How has He shown you that?
  • In response to what God has done for you, what should be the value of His kingdom to you? With what emotion and energy should it be pursued?
  • In what areas of your life are you still the king of your kingdom? How can your group help each other to give control to the true King?
  • As a result of our discussion tonight, what is a practical action step you can take this week?

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